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Dieulune Honorat, an ANCC Board-Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, is the founder of At Home Primary Care, a patient-centered holistic healthcare provider.


As a proud Alumna of the University of Miami School of Nursing, Mrs. Honorat has nearly 10 years of experience in medicine. She has worked primarily in Emergency and Primary Care. Throughout this time, she has managed several primary care practices which provided her with the opportunity to treat many patients battling life-threatening illnesses.


As the daughter of immigrants who migrated from Haiti, Dieulune Honorat was introduced to alternative medicine at an early age. This sparked her desire to pursue a career in medicine. Currently, after providing treatment to several thousand patients, she has solidified her belief that a person’s health begins in the ‘home’. In other words, a person's lifestyle and dietary intake are key factors in their overall health status. With this understanding of treatment and her love and passion for medicine, she is revolutionizing the healthcare system by treating patients in the comfort of their homes.


At Home Primary Care is set apart by its model of care. Providing patient-centered holistic health care is at the core of treatment and this is all done with the patient’s involvement. In treating a patient, Dieulune Honorat assesses the whole person, rather than just the symptoms of an illness. This allows for the development of a comprehensive treatment plan tailored specially for that patient.


Dieulune Honorat is also the President of Christ Care Center, a non-profit organization that provides local communities with access to health education and free health screenings. Her main objectives have always been health promotion and disease prevention. She highlights that prevention is the best medicine. In addition, she has served as the youth director for many years at her church. In her spare time, she enjoys writing poetry, public speaking, baking, and most importantly, spending time with friends and family.  

Her message to the world is, "Faith in God is 'Good' medicine."

Miami-Dade Home Health Provider


To provide evidence-based health care that is respectful of and responsive to individual client preferences, needs, and values.


To promote a healthy lifestyle, prevent diseases, and reduce unnecessary hospitalizations. While making health care accessible.


We manage our Member's health with quality and affordable care. Every Member's treatment plan is customized to their need with their well-being in mind.


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